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The Mississippi Coast Watchers is a family oriented group of individuals called together for the common cause of the preservation of military vehicles. We believe that all military vehicles foreign and domestic, should be preserved to honor the men and women who used them,  both in combat and in general services and support of our great nation.

The name MISSISSIPPI COAST WATCHERS is based upon a group of men and women who “searched the skies and seas” for signs of enemy aircraft and ships during WW ll. The “Coast Watchers” were stationed along the Gulf Coast and were a combination of military coordinators and civilian volunteers.
The MISSISSIPPI COAST WATCHERS have several privately owned vehicles available for show and presentation. Each owner has attempted to portray their vehicle in the most accurate way possible fitting the era and theater of their vehicle.
As a group, the MISSISSIPPI COAST WATCHERS participate in a wide variety of events such as car shows, festivals, military events,( retirement, ceremonies, funerals) reenactments and  parades. We also allow public and private school children the opportunity  to experience a part of history by showing  our vehicles and equipment .
We support  local museums with contributions, organized field trips. We have tail rides, campouts, picnics, swap meets, and convoys. We are open to any and all donations of military parts and equipment from any time period.  Your support will help us keep this HISTORY alive for future generations.
Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Armed Forces Retirement Home chapel
In Gulfport  Ms.  Meetings begin a 1900 hours (7 PM) and last about an hour.
If you are interested in joining please fill out application and mail to the address on the  along with your yearly family dues of $20.00 and help us……..
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